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Skybaby Travel Mattress for Children

0-2 years

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SkyBaby is a small support mattress which enables you to comfortably hold your baby when travelling. The Skybaby is intended for travel with children under the age of two who do not have their own seat on the plane. The SkyBaby is a soft mattress that is equipped with practical "wings" that are placed (and fastened) around the child, which provides a comfortable and safe place to sleep during the flight. When the mattress is not in use, it is rolled up and placed in the accompanying transport bag. The mattress is 56 cm long and weighs only 300 grams, this to fit a normal flying seat. When the baby grows, place the mattress over the knee and let the baby's legs protrude. SkyBaby also makes boarding and disembarking easier with a sleeping child, as the child can continue to sleep while the parent walks on or off the plane. Skybaby can also be used during take-off and landing as the mattress has holes for the child's seat belt.

• SkyBaby travel mattress
• For children up to about 2 years
• Soft mattress with pillow
• The mattress has "wings" that hold the baby in place
• Weighs only 300 grams
• Packed in a transport bag (included
• Machine washable

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: SkyBaby
Product: Travel mattress
Colour: Black and white
Weight: About 300 grams
Size (in use): 56 cm x 29 cm
Intended for: Children up to about 2 years
Washing: Machine wash 40 degrees

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