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About us

About us


The Smalltraveller Group has been operating since 2012 and is owned by Per Jarl and Kairi Kasemaa. For many years we have had the opportunity to travel a lot to many different countries. After we had our two sons, we have continued to travel as much as we could and had time for. Together with our children, we have visited South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Singapore, Hong Kong and many European countries.

As part of our travel interest, we have searched for and collected products that we have found smart and practical when traveling with children. As a starting point, we have looked for and selected products that are light, foldable, take up little space and at the same time are practical, smart and that make it easier when travelling with children. Many of the products (or similar) we have used ourselves on our travels.

What you take with you when you travel with children depends on various things, including the child's age, where you are going and how long you will be away. We hope and believe that by bringing good and practical things when you travel with your children, you can make the journey easier, more fun and more comfortable for both you and your children.

Since the start-up in Sweden in 2012, we are now covering most of Europe:

Finland: www.matkamuksu.com
Denmark: www.smalltraveller.dk
Estonia: www.reisipisik.ee
Sweden: www.barnresebutiken.se
EU: www.smalltraveller.eu