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Strawbottles & Sippy Cups for Kids

Introducing a sippy cup to Your baby is an important phase in their development from breastfeeding and bottle-feeding into drinking from a cup like a big kid. Further still on this path, Your child might want to move to using a convenient straw bottle later. When looking for a baby sippy cup or a straw bottle for Your child, make sure it's appropriately sized for their age, comes with an easy-to-use attached flip top that keeps the bottle clean, and is truly spill-proof. Some sippy cups and straw bottles come with a practical weighted straw that allows the child to drink to the last drop in every position, also lying down. Best sippy cups and straw bottles have removable handles which make holding the bottle easier, and changing, as they grow older. Have a look at our selection of high quality, BPA-free, easy-clean baby sippy cups and straw bottles here!

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