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Children's Suitcases & Trolley Backpacks

Luggage for kids - children's suitcases and trolley-backpacks are not only functional for travel but come in fun and cute designs that can turn any trip into a big adventure. It's common to find kids running around and throwing tantrums in airports - how about a specially designed kids' ride-on suitcase? Waiting in airports will never be boring again. Tired of carrying one's own backpack for long distances? No problem, get a trolley backpack for your child instead and the backpack turns into handy trolley suitcase on wheels. Whatever your choice of kids' suitcase - see to it's lightweight, cabin-sized, has quiet wheels ang quality zippers, a sturdy grab handle, ample packing space and perhaps a carry strap for yourself. It can be a smart idea to choose neutrally designed kids' rolling luggage which grows with your child - your toddler turned junior may want a cool ABS hard-shell suitcase one day, not a Minnie Mouse one.

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