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Swim Nappies for Babies & Toddlers

Baby and toddler reusable swim nappies are designed to avoid the problem of usual nappies soaking up water and weighing your baby down, while in water. Swim nappies come with snug waistbands and close-fitting legs to contain any solid accident in the water, until you get your baby to a changing room. Baby and toddler swim nappies come in different styles but mostly look like ordinary baby swim pants, with added layers of protection. Soft, tight, snug fit and quick-drying neoprene swim diapers prove to be more and more popular in the baby swim world. A reusable swim diaper is also a more eco-friendly choice since the same swim nappy can easily be cleaned and used time and again. Take a look at our quality brands of different baby and toddler swim nappy designs here!

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