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Children's Swim Trunks & Swim Pants

The best swim trunks for boys and swim pants for girls are comfortable, stylish and made of quick-drying fabric, since no kid likes soggy swimwear. Boys' swim trunks are mostly designed to fit loosely, make sure to choose the right size, so the swim trunks stay on during water activities. Girls swim pants are made to fit tightly, they often come with frills and in lovely patterns and designs. Perfect to match with your favourite kids' rash guard and sun hat. Quality children's swm trunks and swim pants are also clorine resistant and provide good UV-protection. Choose Your favourite swim trunks here - with pockets or adjustable waist, with or without an integrated swim nappy for younger kids. Check out our children's swim trunks' and swim pants' vibrant colurs and cool designs!

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