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Portable Travel High Chairs for Babies & Toddlers

Travel high chairs are great for travel and restaurants but also practical space savers at home. Portable high chairs are designed to provide a safe and comfortable spot for Your baby or toddler to have a meal, wherever You go. Travel high chairs either latch onto ordinary dining tables or strap onto chairs, both types being far lighter and taking less space than ordinary home or restaurant high chairs. Depending on the space available in Your travel bag and the comfort level You need - one or the other portable high chair saves Your day when dining out and about with a toddler. Travel high chairs made of cloth can easily be machine washed after use, while more sturdy, flat-packable table mounted high chairs can be wiped clean or their cloth covers removed for washing. Travel high chair is an extremely handy baby travel gadget that can be used at grandparents' or friends' place, in a rental apartment or hotel room, at the airport cafe or city restaurant - and why not - at home!

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