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Picnic Blankets for Kids & Family

A practical picnic blanket is suitable for all outdoor occasions - for the park, the beach, sporting events, hiking, family picnics, home garden party, travel and outdoor concerts. A quality picnic blanket is big enough to fit everyone in the family on it, water-proof, durable and easy to clean. Ideally picnic blankets could be folded as a handbag or a portable roll up bag, always convenient to carry, store and save space in Your car boot, backpack, travel or picnic bag. Check out the versatile picnic blankets available for all seasons and occasions, in our family travel shop! 

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  • Picnic blanket Walser Nessie Grey

    Picnic Blanket - Walser Nessie Grey

    Size 150 x 130 cm

    17,90 €