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Children's Bathrobes & Beach Robes

Kids' versatile hooded bathrobes can be worn as beach robes too, being a beach and swim essential for every water loving baby, toddler and preschooler. The soft protective hoods of bathrobes provide extra warmth and comfort for your young one, while the beach robe itself helps your child to dry quickly after pool or bath. Check out the right size of the bath robe for your kid, as too long bathrobes can be a tripping hazard. Some kids' bathrobes have attached belts, fasten it properly as to not lose it on the beach or at the pool. Made of soft, comfortable, absorbant materials like cotton terry cloth or fleece, bath robes can serve as kids' wearable blankets or replacement towels after sauna, pool, bath or swim at the beach, as well as snug and cosy, very homey morning robes.

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