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Cooler Bags for Kids & Family Cooler Bags

Choosing a cooler bag that will keep Your toddler's food and drinks cold or warm, work well with a lunchbox inside, and are easy to open, carry and clean - can be a tricky task. Insulated cooler bags come in many shapes and sizes. We have hand-picked smaller, more compact and especially smart family-friendly cooler bags that work for kids and parents alike. A standard cooler bag has an insulated lining in order to keep the food cooler for a few hours. Additional ice packs can be inserted for better results. However, fantastically handy freezable cooler bags have been invented recently, that integrate the cooling technology into the coolerbag itself - no need to add anything- just freeze the coolerbag, pack it and go! Kids' and adult lunch boxes using the same type of technology are available here - with freezable lids that keep Your food fresh for many hours!

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