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Inflatable Pillows for Children

Children's inflatable pillows come in different sizes and have several functions, depending on the age of the child. Baby neck pillows and neck supports are anatomically designed to support a smaller baby's neck and head in car seats, strollers or on changing mats. Some baby neck pillows are extra soft and there is a ring shaped opening in the middle of the baby head and neck support. Some pillows are wing-shaped, in order to support the child's fragile head from both sides. Bigger babies' and toddlers' neck pillows are often designed as fun animal chracters and can be closed under the chin with an in-built magnet, forming a soft and supportive cushion for the little one, and stopping the head rolling forward while snoozing. Both children's narrow and wider travel pillows can successfully be used on buses, planes, cars, bike seats, sitters and strollers. The best car pillows are fastetened to the child car seat and come with a special removable headband, to allow steady comfortable naps while driving. Choose Your favourite kids' inflatable pillow or neck support here.

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