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Children's Sun Hats - Baby & Kids' Sun Caps

Baby and children's sun hats make a tremedous job protecting your little one from sun's harmful rays, whether on the beach or in your backyard. It's important that the sun hat's wide brim or generous flap covers your child's face, eyes, neck and ears well. Versatile kids' sun hats and sun caps are breathable, made of fast drying material and have sun protection SFP 50+. Baby sun hats need to have an adjustable chin strap that keeps it on your toddler's head. Reversible kids' sun hats offer a choice of pattern and style, some bucket hats allow you to flip the brim up and down according to need. Children love to play in water, so perhaps it's wise to choose a sun hat that can be worn both in and ouside of water - the sort of kids' sun hat that is comfortable and lightweigt in water and dries quickly when out of water.  Check out the myriad of different styles and colours of baby and toddler sun hats available in our online travel shop!

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