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Inflatable Travel Beds for Kids

Children's portable inflatable travel beds are a great option for sleepovers at friends' or grandma's, while camping, staying at a hotel or in a camper van. It's also the perfect space-saving solution to offer to friends staying over. A handy toddler air mattrass weighs little and is truly small & compact when packed, taking only little space in your travel luggage or car boot. Kids' blow up beds today come with multiple added features - some have integrated washable sleeping bags, some integrated bedrails, to prevent the child from falling out of the airbed while sleeping. Many childrens' airbeds have handy airpumps and travel bags included in the set. Toddler air mattrasses often come with an integrated "pillow", so no extra pillow is needed. All portable, inflatable kids air mattrasses in our seletion are  compact, lightweight, easy to inflate and stow away when not in use. Quality airbed is a family travel essential!

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