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Travel Bags for Children and Kids' Luggage

What to look for in kids' travel luggage and how to find the best travel bag for your kid? Both smaller and bigger kids respond well to responsibility, independence and excitement of travelling. Although not always possible or necessary, there are many advantages of each child having their own travel bag. A child's own travel bag can be a real time and nerve saver, once you are on the road or have arrived at your destination. Here you'll find our hand-picked selection of the best kids' luggage available - however long is your journey and whatever type is your kids' travel bag best suited for its purpose. Children's hard shell ABS suitcases, soft trollies and trolley-backpacks, wheelies, duffle bags, hiking backpacks, toddler and pre-schooler backpacks plus all possible kids' travel accessories can be found in our special oneline travel shop - welcome to explore!

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