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Pram Sun Shades & Stroller Sun Canopies

Stroller sun shade helps your baby enjoy peace and undisturbed sleep outdoors, while protecting the child from harmful sunrays, sharp light, noise, wind and light rain. Full covering pram or buggy sun shades are best for naps, they tend to make inside of the stroller dark, so be sure your baby likes that. Some full covering sun sahdes have mesh windows to keep proper air circulation going and to peep in or out, which makes it easier to keep an eye on your sleeping baby. Some stroller sun shades come with integrated mosquito nets that both keep insect at bay and offer shade from the scorching sun. Pram sun canopies and sun parasols are easy to mount, can be adjusted to multiple angles and protect the child from direct sunlight. For travel purposes your pram sun shade should be lightweight, foldable and definately always breathable. In our shop will find a full range of versatile universal sun shades for prams - from full covering sun shades to sun canopies and sun umbrella parasols for all types of prams and strollers. 

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