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Children's Swim Jackets - Swim Vests & Float Jackets

Kids' swim or float vests come in different styles and materials. Depending on your little one's water skills and frequency of use, you can opt for a simple, inflatable swim vest which comes with safety valves, several air chambers and fastening clips. Or you may want a more sturdy and durable neoprene swim jacket where the actual float devices are stitched into the swim jacket or placed in special pockets inside the jacket, to provide exactly the right amount of buoyancy. Such neoprene float vests help keep the child's body warmth for extended time in the water. Remember that swim vests and float jackets are not life jackets, so adult supervision is needed at all times when the child is in water. Some swim jackets come with special safety straps for parents to pull or hold on to. Check out our chosen quality swim vests for children here! 

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