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Children's UV-Swim Suits & Bathing Suits

Most childrens' swim suits today offer UPF 50+ sun protection that block 98% of the sun's harmful UV-rays and protect children against sunburn. Small babies' and toddlers' sensitive skin requires full coverage bathing suits whenever in the sun, while older toddlers and bigger children can wear UV-rash guards and swim tops in combination with swim shorts, board shorts, or a two-piece UV-protective swim suit that can be combined with any other piece. Some kids' swim trunks come with practical built in swim diapers. Make sure a lightweight, stretchy and easy to dry kids' UV-sun hat protects the little one's head and neck while in the water. Children's quality UV protective sun suits have sun protection built into the tight fabric weave that lasts for a period of active use and washing. However the fabric's fibers become distorted over time, making the kids' swim suits less effective at screening UV-light. Make sure Your little one has maximum UV-protection next time You are headed for the beach or have a family holiday in the sun.

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