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Water Bottle for Children - Carl Oscar Blue Giraffe

With straw (350 ml)

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12,90 €

Carl Oscar Blue Giraffe is a practical and durable (made in Tritan) water bottle for children on the go. The transparent bottle has a straw that goes down to the bottom of the bottle so that the child can drink with the bottle upright and thereby avoid spillage. The smart lid has an integrated carrying handle and a fold-out spout that can be closed when the bottle is not in use. Carl Oscar water bottle for children has a grip-friendly shape, holds 0.35 liters and is free of BPA and Ftlater.

• Water bottle for children
• Can be used upright (straw inside)
• Fold-out spout
• Carrying handle in the lid
• Grip-friendly shape
• Free from BPA and Phthalates
• Made in durable Tritan

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Producer: Carl Oscar
Product: Water bottle for children
Model: Blue Giraffe
Colour: Blue and black
Material: Tritan and PP plastic
Capacity: 350 ml
Weight: About 110 grams
Size: 17.5 cm x 7.1 cm (diameter)
Care: Dishwasher safe
Safety: Free from BPA and Phthalates

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