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Snack Box for Kids - Carl Oscar Grey Spider


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Innovative and smart snack box for kids. Inside the Carl Oscar SnackDISC Grey Spider is a carousel with one larger and four smaller compartments that can be filled with various snacks before the trip or excursion. Carl Oscar SnackDISC is made of BPA-free and durable hard plastic in nice design and wonderful colours. The snack box is closed by turning the lid, which is then also locked so that the snacks don´t fall out. The lid, bottom and snack carousel can easily be taken aport for cleaning or for puttning the carousel onley on the table or on the picnic blanket. Carl Oscar SnackDISC is perfect on the plane, bus, train or in the car but also on an excursion with school or kindergarten. Fill the snack box with berries, nuts, fruit or vegetable pieces.

• Snack box for kids
• Carousel with 5 compartments
• Detachable parts (3 parts) for good cleaning
• The carousel can be taken out and used separately
• Lockable lid so that the snacks do not fall out or become dirty
• Made of BPA-free and durable hard plastic
• Can be machine washed

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Producer: Carl Oscar
Product: Snack box for kids
Model: SnackDISC - Grey Spider
Colour: Grey
Material: BPA-free ABS plastic
Weight: about 205 grams
Size: 15 cm (diameter) x 4.5 cm (height)

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