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Travel Neck Pillow for Kids - Paw Patrol Girl Pup Power

Size 3 years+

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12,90 €

Paw Patrol Girl Pup Power is a cozy and comfortable travel neck pillow for children that provides comfortable support on the plane journey, in the car, on the bus or train. The travel neck pillow is 30 x 25 cm (outer dimensions) in diameter and 8 cm thick. The upper side is made of cooling material with microbeads that provide great comfort. The underside is made of soft fleece. The neck pillow weighs only 100 grams and therefore sits comfortably around the child's neck without being heavy.

• Travel neck pillow for children
• Cooling upper side
• Underside in soft fleec
• Filling of microbeads for maximum comfort
• Weighs only 100 grams

Brand: Paw Patrol
Producer: Seven
Product: Travel neck pillow for children
Model: Girl Pup Power
Colour: Pink and turquoise
Intended for: For children from about 3 years
Weight: 100 grams
Outer size: 30 cm x 25 cm
Thickness: approx. 8 cm
Weight: 100 grams

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