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Inflatable Baby Swim Seat - Swim Essentials Blossom

Size 0-1 years

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21,90 €

Swim Essentials Baby Float Blossom is a stable and inflatable baby swim seat. The swim seat is 69 cm in diameter and is intended for children up to 11 kg (0-1 years). For maximum safety, Swim Essentials Baby Float has four separate air chambers with safety valves and is safety tested according to EU standards (see standard below). The swim seat has two holes in the bottom, so that the child's legs can hang freely.

• Inflatable baby swim seat
• Four separate air chambers
• Safety valves to prevent air leakage
• Design that gives the child comfort and stability
• Safety tested

Producer: Swim Essentials
Product: Inflatable baby swim seat
Model: Baby Float - Blossom
Colour: Pink and multicoloured
Weight: about 400 grams
Capacity: Max 11 kg (0-1 years)
Material: 0.25 mm PVC
Safety: Tested according to EN-13138-3: 2014 and EN-71

Never leave your child unattended in the swim seat!

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