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Swim Jacket for Children - Swimpy Large

Size 3-6 years

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29,90 €

Swimpy Neutral Swim Jacket is an excellent buoyancy aid for water play and swim learning for children between 3-6 years. The swim jacket has pockets on the inside that contain three layers of removable foam boards. Thanks to this, the swim vest can be adapted and optimized to the baby's weight. The vest is easy to put on and closes with a zipper and velcro. In order for the swim jacket to be securely attached to the child, it is equipped with an adjustable crotch strap that can be adjusted to the child's length. While the vest provides good buoyancy, it is also comfortable for the child to wear with good mobility. Swimpy swim jacket is made of neoprene, with an outer layer of polyester. The removable foam boards are made of expandable polyethylene. On the back, the vest has a handle if the child needs to be lifted up from the water.

• Swim jacket for children
• Comfortable
• Easy to put on and take off
• Closes with a zipper and velcro
• Lifting handle on the back
• Removable foam boards (in pockets on the inside) to adjust the vest to the baby's weight
• Adjustable (length) crotch strap 

Producer: Swimpy
Product: Swim jacket for children
Model: Neutral - Large
Colour: Yellow
Size: 3-6 years (19-30 kg)
Chest circumference: 56-61 cm
Material (vest): Neoprene and polyester
Material (foam boards): Expandable polyethylene

NOTE! This product is not intended to be used for lifesaving but only as a buoyancy aid for swimming and swim training. Use only the vest under the supervision of a competent adult.

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