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Swim Ring for Baby - Bestway Yellow (Small)

Size 0-1 years

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13,90 €

Bestway Baby Swim Ring is an inflatable baby float to be used in the pool when letting your child get used to water.Bestway swim ring makes a comfortable seat for the child,the wide base makes it stable in water. The swim chair has two air chambers which are closed with safety valves to prevent air leakage.

• Inflatable baby swim ring
• Wide base for maxmal stability
• Safety valves to prevent air leakage
• Two air chambers
• Design that gives the child comfort and stability

Producer: Bestway
Product: Inflatable baby swim ring
Model: Yellow - Round Small
Weight: About 500 grams
Size: 0-1 years
Capacity: Maximum 11 kg

Never leave your child unattended in the swim seat!

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