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Baby Swim Nappy - Speedo Pink and Lilac

Sizes from 9 to 24 months

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6,90 €
12,90 €

Speedo Baby Swim Nappy Pink and Lilac is a practical, cute and functional swim diaper that prevents embarrassing and unhygienic leaks and accidents in the pool. Speedo swim nappy is made of soft and comfortable neoprene and has elastic bands at the waist and legs to catch what should not end up in the pool.

• Baby swim nappy
• Easy to put on and take off
• Rubber bands and stretch to keep tight
• Heighted waist and longer legs for minimized leakage
• Soft and flexible material (neoprene)
• Machine washable

Producer: Speedo
Product: Baby swim nappy
Model: Swimnappy - Pink and Lilac
Colour: Pink and lilac
Material: 44% polyamide and 56% rubber
Care: Machine wash (30 degrees)
Sizes: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months

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