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Children's Bathrobe - Lässig Muslin Antracite

Sizes from 80 to 98 cm

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22,90 €
27,90 €

Lovely, comfortable and soft bathrobe for children made in a nice design. Lässig Muslin Antracite bathrobe is made of double layers of prewashed soft cotton. The material in the bathrobe breathes and is pleasant against the baby's skin. The bathrobe's hood protects against drafts and cold after the bath and the sewn-in belt provides a good fit and holds the bathrobe together. Lässig Muslin is machine washable at 40 degrees and becomes softer after each wash.

• Bathrobe for children
• Soft and comfortable
• Double muslin cotton
• Pre-washed
• Dries quickly
• Protective hood
• Sewn-in belt
• Gets softer with each wash
• Machine washable

Producer: Lässig
Product: Bathrobe for children
Model: Muslin - Antracite
Colour: Dark grey
Sizes: 80/86 cm (approx. 1-2 years) and 92/98 cm (approx. 2-3 years)
Weight: about 250 grams
Material: 100% (muslin) cotton
Care: Machine wash at 40 degrees

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