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Suitcase for Children - Roll Road Friendly Monsters

Ride on suitcase

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Practical, durable and fun ride on suitcase for children made in a nice design. The Roll Road Friendly Monsters suitcase has quiet and soft wheels (front wheels turning 360 degrees), a combined drawstring and carrying strap and a code lock. The ride on suitcase works really well to sit and ride on (up to 30 kg!) and is perfect for tired legs or as a toy while waiting, for example at airports. Inside the suitcase there is plenty of space for all the children's things. The bag has different mounts so that it can both be pulled (the child rides) and carried by the parent and slightly older children as a shoulder bag. As the size of the suitcase fits within the IATA regulation of handlugage, the suitcase can be taken on board the aircraft (however, check what rules apply to your airline).

• Suitcase for children to ride on
• Stable and durable constructionf
• Quiet and soft wheels
• The front wheels turn 360 degrees which provides good maneuverability
• Drawstring and carrying strap
• Horn grips to hold on to
• 34 liters of luggage space
• Straps in each inner compartment
• Code lock
• Flexible means of transport at eg airports and at bus and train terminals

Brand: Roll Road
Producer: Joumma Bags
Product: Ride on suitcase for children
Model: Friendly Monsters
Colour: White, blue and multicolored
Weight: About 2.3 kg
Size:  50 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm
Capacity: 34 liters
Intended for: Children 3-7 years
Max load: 30 kg

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