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Frozzypack Lunch Box - Nordic Blue

With integrated cooling lid

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17,90 €

Frozzypack Original Nordic Blue is a smart and useful cooler lunch box with a built-in cooling block in the lid. Frozzypack keeps food cool for up to 7 hours at room temperature. Perfect for children's food when you travel or are away from home.

• Cooler lunch box with
• Integrated cooling lid
• Keeps food cool for up to 7 hours
• Store the lid in the freezer for 10 hours for the longest cooling effect for
• Made of food grade polypropylene
• Free from Bisphenol-A (BPA)
• Non-toxic cooling jelly with very good cooling ability
• Dishwasher safe
• The box can be heated in the microwave (but not the lid)

Producer: Frozzypack
Product: Lunch Box with integrated cooling lid
Model: Frozzypack Original - Nordic Blue
Colour: Black box and light blue lid
Capacity: 0.9 liters
Size: 20 cm (length) x 13 cm (width) x 8 cm (height)
Weight: 425 grams
Material: BPA-free and food approved polypropylene
Lid: Non-toxic cooling gel

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