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Belt Up Baby - Child Restraint System for Cars

Belt Up Baby infant restraint system is a genious invention of practically-minded moms from the U.K. Ever felt that older kids have car booster seats or seat belt adjustment devices available for them in situations when a proper car seat is not available or feasible to carry along - but how about babies and toddlers 9-36 months old? This is where Belt Up Baby restraint steps in - it provides extra security for babies travelling on their parents laps, in a taxi abroad, rental car or friends' car - whenever no suitable car seat is available and not required by law. Belt Up Baby is not a safety device intended to be used instead of an approved car seat, however it has been thoroughly crash-tested by British TRL, using the same crash conditions applied tor approved child car seats. Belt Up Baby is lightweight, easy to pack flat and portable.

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    Child Restraint Device - Belt Up Baby

    9 months - 3 years

    74,00 €