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Insect and Mosquito Net for Beds - Deryan Bedtent Louise

Pop-up (for single bed)

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Deryan Pop-Up Bedtent Louise is a smart and protective mosquito and insect net for regular sized single beds. The fine-mesh mosquito net is made in pop-up technology, which means that it unfolds itself in about 2 seconds. The base of the net is 200 cm x 90 cm, ie the same dimensions as a standard bed and will be 110 cm in height at the highest point. Deryan Bedtent is designed so that the mattress is placed inside the mosquito net, the net encloses the mattress, which means that the insect net sits stably on the bed and closes completely tightly against insects. After use, the net is easily folded and packed in the included transport bag. Packed together, the net becomes small, 47 cm in diameter x 7 cm thick, which means that it fits in a regular bag. Perfect to take along to a sun holiday in warm countries but also as protection against the mosquitoes and other insects in the summer cottage or at home.

• Fine-mesh mosquito net for beds
• Size 200 cm x 90 cm (as a standard single bed)
• Closes with a zipper
• Made in pop-up technology (unfolds itself)
• Easy to put up and take down
• Attached around the mattress
• Gets small when packed
• Transport bag included
• Lightweight

Producer: Deryan
Product: Mosquito net and insect net for single bed
Model: Pop-up Bedtent - Louise
Colour: Dark Grey, multicoloured and mesh (black)
Size (at base): 200 cm x 90 cm
Height: 110 cm (max height)
Size (packed): 46 cm (diameter) x 7 cm
Weight: about 500 grams

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