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Travel Neck Pillow for Children - Flowzoom Air Pillow Kids Blue


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The innovative, comfortable and inflatable Air Pillow Kids Blue from Flowzoom is a perfect companion for your child on the plane, on the train, on the bus or in the car. The inflatable travel neck pillow is ergonomically designed and made in a size that fits the size of a child's head and neck. The Air Pillow Kids can be used in five different positions thanks to its unique H shape. On the front of the pillow there is an adjustable band, which is closed with velcro, which holds the sides of the pillow together during use. It is quick to inflate and easy to adjust air pressure, thanks to the innovative push button valve. Air Kinder is light (weighs 125 grams) and becomes small (14 x 8 cm) when packed in the included carrying bag. In short, a perfect travel neck pillow to take on holiday.

• Child-sized travel neck pillow
• Inflatable
• Can be used in five different positions
• Soft material
• Easy to inflate, adjust air pressure and deflate
• Band with velcro that hold the sides of the pillow together
• Light weight (125 grams)
• Gets small when packed (14 x 8 cm)
• Transport bag included
• Machine washable
• Perfect for flights, cars, trains and buses


Brand: Flowzoom
Product: Inflatable neck pillow for children
Model: Air Pillow Kids - Blue
Colour: Light blue
Size (packed): 14 cm x 8 cm
Weight: approx. 125 grams
Intended for: Children 3-12 years
Care: Machine washable

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