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Children's Brim Hats

The kids' brim hats are designed to stay in place and keep your kids cool and shaded on even the hottest of days. A good brim hat offers both face and neck protection so your child can enjoy carefree outdoor play out and about and especially on the beach. Baby brim hats come with adjustable chin straps to keep the hat well in place, as the youngest ones like to remove and drop their sun hats as they please. Make sure Your baby or toddler brim hat is lightweight, breathable and has sunprotection SPF 50. Quick-drying material and reversible style is an added bonus, to use the brim hat also while swimming and to change the style from day to day. Make sure your child's head is covered while on sun holidays in tropical countries. Explore the variaty of kids' brim hats in different styles and colours here in our online family travel shop!

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