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Inflatable Water Mattress - Swim Essentials Cow

Size 177 x 67 cm

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12,90 €

Swim Essentials Cow is an inflatable water mattress in a nice size (177 x 67 x 16 cm) with an integrated pillow. The water mattress, which is safety tested according to EU standards, is made of strong and durable non-toxic PVC (0.2 mm thick) and has two separate air chambers with safety valves. Swim Essentials water mattress has a capacity of up to 80 kg and is intended for children 6 years +. Bring the mattress on a sun holiday or use it at home by the pool or in the sea.

• Inflatable water mattress
• Integrated pillow
• Two separate air chambers
• Safety valves
• Made of durable PVC
• Up to 80 kg
• Safety tested

Producer: Swim Essentials
Product: Bath mattress (air mattress)
Model: Cow
Colour: White and black
Size: 177 cm x 67 cm x 16 cm
Safety: Tested according to EN-1 and EN-25649

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