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Inflatable Water Mattress - Intex Pink with Window

Size 188 x 71 cm

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15,90 €

Intex Pink is an inflatable water mattress  in a larger size (188 x 71 cm) with a shaped pillow with a window. The water mattress has 18 holes that stabilize it in the water. Intex swim mattress is made of strong and durable vinyl and has separate air chambers for mattress and pillow. Bring the mattress on a sun holiday or use at home by the pool or in the sea.

• Inflatable swim mattress
• Shaped pillow with window
• Two separate air chambers
• Safety valves
• With 18 stabilizing holes
• Made of strong vinyl
• Capacity up to 90 kg
• CE marked

Producer: Intex
Product: Inflatable water mattress
Model: Pink
Color: Pink and purple
Size: 188 cm x 71 cm
Capacity: Up to 90 kg
Safety: CE marked

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