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Kids' Backpack - Spiderman Never Stop (3D)

Height 32 cm

In Stock
10,90 €
13,90 €

Cool backpack for small children with Spiderman motif in 3D relief. The Spiderman Never Stop backpack has a main compartment that closes with a zipper, adjustable carrying straps and has a carrying handle at the top. The front is made of 3D, so that the motif stands out. The backpack fits toys, teddy bears, snacks and other things that are coming along to the trip or to kindergarten.

• Backpack for children
• Front in 3D (relief)
• Adjustable carrying straps
• Carrying handle at the top

Brand: Marvel Spiderman
Producer: Vadobag
Product: Backpack for children
Model: Never Stop
Colour: Blue and red
Size: 32 cm x 26 cm x 11 cm
Weight: About 300 grams
Material: Polyester

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