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Travel Potty and Toilet Trainer Seat - Potette Plus Pink Value Pack

Potty + liner + 3 bags

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39,90 €

Potette Plus Value Pack Pink is a package that contains 1 smart travel potty, 1 silicon liner and 3 disposable bags. Potette Plus can be used as a toilet training seat on regular toilets, as a separate hygienic seat in public toilets and as a regular potty (with bag or silicone liner) when the legs have been lowered. The silicone insert is foldable and the disposable bags are degradable and environmentally friendly. Potette Plus is easy to take on the go, in the car, in town and to places where you want to avoid direct contact with public toilets.

• Set with Potette Plus travel potty, silicone liner and disposable bags
• Can be used on a regular toilet seat
• Ergonomic shape of the seat
• Can be used as a regular pot (with bags or a silicone liner)
• Fold-out legs that are locked for stable use
• Anti-slip protection under the legs
• Liner in non-toxic silicone included
• Contains 3 environmentally friendly disposable bags
• Transport bag included
• Becomes small and flat when folded

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: Potette Plus
Product: Foldable travel potty value pack
Model: Potette Plus Value Pack - Pink
Colour: Pink, white and grey
Intended for: Children from about 15 months
The product contains: 1 Potette Plus potty, 1 silicone liner, 1 transport bag and 3 disposable bags

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