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Kids Backpack - LittleLife Kids Butterfly

Height 32 cm

In Stock
26,90 €

Practical and durable backpack for children for travel, excursions or kindergarten. Littlelife Kids Big Butterfly is of high quality and suitable for children between about 3-5 years. The backpack has, among other things, six liters of luggage space divided into two compartments, adjustable and padded shoulder straps and chest belt.

• Children´s backpack
• Adjustable and padded carrying system
• Chest belt
• 6 liter packing space divided into two compartments
• Carrying handle at the top
• Easy to open
• Long zipper
• Name tag on the inside

Producer: Littlelife
Product: Backpack for children
Model: Big - Butterfly
Colour: Pink
Weight: About 240 grams
Capacity: About 6 liters
Size: 32 cm x 25 cm x 17 cm
Intended for: Children between about 3 - 5 years

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