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Kids' Suitcase - Frozen My Destiny is Calling

Height 55 cm

In Stock
89,00 €

Frozen My Destiny is Calling is a cute and durable suitcase for children that also works perfectly as a cabin bag. The suitcase has 4 silent wheels that spin 360 degrees, which makes the suitcase easy to maneuver, for example at airports. The 34-litre luggage compartment holds everything your child needs on the trip. The suitcase's packing space is lined and divided into two compartments, one that closes with a zipper and one with an elastic straps, to keep the content organized. Frozen My Destiny is Calling is made of durable ABS molded plastic and has a stable telescopic handle, carrying handle and code lock. The suitcase can also be used as a cabin bag as the size (55 x 38 x 20 cm) fits within IATA's rules for hand luggage (however, check what applies to your airline).

• Suitcase for children
• Made of durable molded plastic (ABS)
• Four silent wheels that turn 360 degrees
• Lined inside - one side with zipper and one side with elastic straps
• Telescopic handle
• Carrying handle
• Code lock

Brand: Disney Frozen
: Joumma Bags
Product: Suitcase for children
Model: Frozen - My Destiny is Calling
Size: 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm
Packing space: approx. 34 litres
Weight: approx. 2.6 kg
Colour: Light blue
Material: ABS
Warranty: 2 years

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