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Inflatable Water Hammock - Cow

Size 116 x 78 cm

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6,90 €

Swim Essentials Cow is an inflatable water hammock to use for sunny days in the pool. Both ends of the hammock are inflated and thereby form a wonderful place to lie and sunbathe in the water. Swim Essentials Water Hammock is intended for children from 6 years + and has a maximum capacity of 60 kg. The product is made of non-toxic PVC and is safety tested according to EU standards (see below).

• Inflatable water hammock
• Two separate air chambers
• Safety valves
• Made of durable PVC
• Up to 60 kg
• Safety tested

Producer: Swim Essentials
Product: Inflatable water hammock
Model: Cow
Colour: White and black
Size: 116 cm x 78 cm
Safety: Tested according to EN-71-1-2

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